Angeles Apex Timber Look Spanish Porcelain Tiles
Made in Spain

233x1200mm Angeles Apex Timber Look Spanish Non-Rectified Porcelain Tile (#6256)

Current Availability: 705.6 m2

Available for: Pick Up tiles-available     Delivery* tiles-available

1.12 m2 Per Box

60.48 m2 Per Pallet


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$28/m2 (All prices are GST inclusive)

$28 /m2 (All prices are GST inclusive)
Total Price: $31.36
Suitable surface:Floor

Must be installed with suitable adhesive.
This product is designed to resemble wood.
Colour and pattern variation is a characteristic of this product.
Installation Note: Laying longer tiles can be tricky.
All timber tiles have a slight bow due to their size and dimensions.
To avoid possible lipping issues, we recommend laying on no more than a 80/20 percent ratio i.e., on a 850mm long tile, the adjacent parallel tiles can begin up to 170mm from either end.
The manufacturer never recommends laying them in a true brick pattern. All timber tiles must be grouted and cannot be butt joined (installed side by side without a gap).

*Worried about getting this product home? Don’t!

We have some cheap delivery solutions that will be offered towards the end of your transaction (Sydney metro only). If you live further away, check out

We have many forklifts onsite and storemen who will be happy to load you up if you decide on the pick up option (no charge).



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