1 Pallet2 Pallets3 PalletsExpected Arrival
SYDNEY METRO$80.00$160.00$240.003 business days
CANBERRA METRO^$212.30$424.60$636.905 to 7 business days
MELBOURNE METRO*$275.00$473.00$671.005 to 7 business days
BRISBANE METRO*$313.50$550.00$786.505 to 7 business days

(Inclusive of GST)

*For customers in Melbourne and Brisbane:

Your tiles will be delivered by a tailgate truck and the pallets will be manually shifted with a pallet jack. Therefore, you must have a flat concrete surface at your property, otherwise the pallets will go back to the depot and it will be your responsibility to organise a pickup your goods.

^For customers in Canberra:

Your tiles will be delivered by a forklift truck, therefore you do not need a flat concrete surface.