Italgraniti Presents Inspirational Wood Look Tiles

When it comes to stunning Italian wood look tiles, you can’t ignore Italgraniti. This Italian manufacturer offers one of the biggest ranges of wood look tiles. The popularity of wood look tiles is ever growing and Italgraniti, through the use of innovative technology, are adapting to the changing demands of consumers. This enables them to release stunning new products on a regular basis. Italgraniti therefore has reason to present itself as one of the leading wood look tile manufacturers from around the world.


The Maxiwood wood look tile range is loved for its graceful interpretation of real wood. It’s available in two textures and comes in a large size 20x120cm creating a more seamless and spacious feel. Each plank is unique in colour mix and vein patterning giving a beautiful and natural balanced look.


The scrapwood wood look tile range creates a more intense yet a refined appearance of reused wood. This range has six unique surface variations, being natural, ribbed, brushed, rough-sawn, aged and planed, which are rich in expression and stir the emotions of those who behold these stunning tiles. There are six colours available which are interchangeable, giving you freedom to mix and match to create your very own design. These wood look tiles are also available in two finishes, great for either indoors or outdoors. All these aspects make these tiles a versatile choice for your home.

Listone D

One of the longest standing ranges offered by Italgraniti is the Listone D wood look tile range. This stunning range replicates the character and warmth of real wood right down to the smallest detail in appearance and also touch. These tiles are available in 3 textures: patchwork, shabby and natural. The shabby finish has more texture for better safety outdoors. Italgraniti really has exceeded itself in producing realistic textures of hand-sawn parquet planks. Its R11 certification reassures the safety aspect in using these wood look tiles outdoors. The natural finish is mildly textured which feels great to walk on in bare feet. Its elegant texture is fabulous for use indoors.

At TFO, we have all the above ranges plus so much more. You will be amazed at the prices of these products – you won’t be able to resist them. Visit TFO and find the next piece of your home.

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