timber look tiles bathroom

Timber Look Tiles Bathroom

Timber look full body tiles are the ultimate in style with time-worn beauty. Here at timber-look-tiles.com.au you will find the latest timber look tiles from around the world, including the popular Listone D range from Italgraniti, a well-known Italian manufacturer.

The Listone D range gives the natural beauty of real timber but without any of the maintenance. It comes in a natural finish for indoors and an anti-slip finish for outdoors. Emulating timber planks, the format size is 150x900mm. This allows for conventional plank laying and shows all the material’s beauty to optimal effect. They are stunning tiles that are a flawless representation of timber.

Timber look tiles are so good to touch and walk on, either in bare feet or to step on with shoes. There is also an amazing mixture of colours that feature different vein shades and patterns, just as real timber does. This design is achieved by the latest in ink jet technology.

Full body Italian timber look tiles are a high performing floor covering, they withstand damp, frost, weather and wear. As they withstand the elements, they are excellent anywhere in your home, either an indoor or outdoor tile, or in public buildings with high traffic. Italian timber look tiles are a great way to give your bathroom a floor with the warmth of timber and also make it possible for you to use the same tile all throughout your home providing uniformity of colour.

The Italgraniti range of timber look tiles have LEED certification, which means “Leader in Energy and Environmental Design” which attests to the environmental and social sustainability of buildings and homes which use these tiles.

Whilst Italgraniti has some of the latest timber look tiles, other companies like Lola Ceramics and Gardenea Orchidea are also at the forefront of home decoration.

So why not come take a look at our fabulous range of timber look tiles now.

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