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Outdoor Timber Look Floor Tiles – Sydney’s Best

Timber is a truly unique product. Throughout human history, humans have depended on it to build anything from tiny to large objects. However timber’s functionality is not the only thing that attracts people. Many just simply can’t ignore its embracing warmth and are captivated by the amazing feeling of nature. But timber is not without limits. Timber needs frequent care and maintenance to keep its original look and strength. Because of this, it’s quite challenging to use timber for outside areas. Even so, many still desire using timber outdoors. But how can you best do that?

Timber look floor tiles are now a great way to enjoy the beauty of timber outside but without all the maintenance of real timber. We understand that manmade things often don’t beat the value or beauty of real and natural things. But as you consider the many benefits of timber look outdoor floor tiles below, you will no doubt understand why these tiles have become such a huge success.

The Look

One of the main reasons why people love timber is because of its beauty and warmth. Wood generally has a relaxing effect on us, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Outdoor timber look floor tiles are no exception. They not only copy the look of real timber but they also enhance it. Recent developments in technology mean that now manufacturers produce wood look tiles that are realistic and show the finest details of wood.


Durability is an important factor to consider particularly when buying materials for use outdoors. Many products deteriorate over time after being exposed to many damaging elements like UV rays from the sun and also rain.

As timber look floor tiles are made of a porcelain body and hard glaze, they are ideal for outdoors as they don’t require any special treatment to maintain their original look. Manufacturers who produce outdoor timber look floor tiles, vigorously test their products to make sure they can withstand harsh elements like heat expansion, discolouration due to UV rays, abrasion, frost and more. So if you want to enjoy a trouble free outdoor area, you can rest assured that you’ve made a good decision if you choose outdoor timber look tiles.


Real timber can be slippery when wet. However, outdoor timber look tiles overcome this problem with an R11 certified anti-slip surface.

As you can see, there are many advantages to timber look tiles. Here at Timber-Look-Tiles.com.au we have a huge selection of stunning timber look tiles. We import directly from leading European manufacturers, so you won’t find cheaper timber look tiles anywhere else.

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