Timber Flooring

Timber Flooring for Outdoor

Are you building or renovating an outdoor entertainment area and want to complete its look with the warm natural character and feel of timber flooring?

When natural timber flooring is used for outside areas it looks amazing for a short time. However, after a while it starts appearing dull and lacklustre. The problem with real timber flooring is maintenance issues and also there are issues with how quickly the timber starts breaking down. You spend thousands on timber flooring and then as soon as its laid, it needs to be coated and regularly recoated and sanded, etc to maintain its appealing look. Then there is always the constant threat of water damage and termites too. So before spending thousands on new timber flooring, no doubt you want to know if there is an alternative that has the beauty and appeal of timber but without all the issues that arise? Please let us introduce you to a stunning and versatile product that you won’t believe…. Timber look porcelain outdoor tiles.

Timber look flooring

Timber look porcelain tiles are certainly a cut above the rest and a wonderful choice for you and your outside area. They not only look stunning but there’s virtually no maintenance. Timber look tiles come in various finishes such as satin, polished or semi-polished surfaces which last year after year. They are also available in an anti-slip finish which is ideal for outside areas and this allows you to have a uniform and consistent look and style both inside and outside your home.

Timber look tiles come in formats that emulate timber planks and this allows them to be laid in a conventional plank pattern. So now it’s possible to choose timber look tiles that look just like the real timber you love and desire. Also, now timber look tiles emulate such timber colours and grains like walnut, Cyprus, ash, Baltic pine, black butt, maple and oak.

So before spending thousands on real timber flooring that won’t stand the test of time, why not view our amazing range of timber look porcelain tiles online now at https://www.timber-look-tiles.com.au/buy-tiles-online. You are sure to find the look you love without needing to spend loads of money or time on maintenance.

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