Timber Look Floor Tiles – Get The Look of Beautiful Timber in Any Area You Want

Having the look of timber is an ideal way to create a warm and cosy ambience in any room.  The natural beauty of timber is so attractive and doesn’t date.  But why should you opt for timber look tiles and not real timber flooring?

Firstly, real timber flooring requires constant care and maintenance.  To keep the wood in good condition, sealing it periodically is essential and this is no easy task – all the furniture needs to be removed from off the surface of the floor.  Without sealing, the look of the timber can quickly fade away.  Real timber also needs to be protected against elements that can do water damage or scratch.  As an added extra on top of all that, the cost for timber flooring is generally quite excessive.

However, timber look porcelain tiles eliminate all these disadvantages and more.  Sure, they are not real timber, they are a porcelain body.  This is one of the many advantages of timber look tiles which you can’t ignore.  First of all, they are extremely practical. As they are made with a strong porcelain body and having multi-layers of glaze, timber look tiles are almost indestructible.  Unlike natural timber, they don’t require periodical sealing or any special care. You can use them outdoors or even for a commercial area as timber look tiles are extremely durable.

But the biggest reason why many are choosing timber look porcelain tiles is just because they are truly stunning!  Advancing technology and cutting edge designs have created outstandingly beautiful timber look floor tiles, often beauty that surpasses real timber flooring.

One such range is from Cerdisa, one of the top Italian tile manufacturers.  The ‘Home Teak’ range, which has been produced by this Emilia-Romagna region based company, comes in 6 different colours. This offers the ideal solution for your home tiling project, no matter what your colour scheme is.  These 6 colours and textures were carefully chosen  to imitate and enhance the warmth of natural timber flooring.  All 6 colours come in 2 different finishes – smooth and anti-slip.  Good news for those who have an open plan setting and want a modern, seamless look.

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