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Use Timber Look Tiles For Outdoor Areas

The outdoor area of your home is a great place to associate with and entertain your family and friends. Being outside, you often have plenty of space and have a sense of freedom. No doubt you do not wish to neglect such a vital area. As tiles are very practical and durable, we recommend using them as one of the best ways to enhance your outdoor space. Why not use timber look tiles for your outdoor area? Below are some reasons you should consider using them.

1. Practical and Durable

When it comes to durability, almost nothing compares with timber look porcelain tiles. Porcelain is a hard material, much harder compared to normal ceramic tiles, therefore it is often used in high traffic areas. Outdoors, where the floor is exposed to various damaging elements, it’s a big plus. Wood look porcelain tiles aren’t sensitive to water like natural timber is. Having a dense body and a glazed surface, timber look porcelain tiles don’t need sealing or special treatment like natural timber floors do.

2. The Look

Everyone loves the stunning look of a beautiful timber floor. You can feel the warmth and character of each piece of timber so that it enriches a space like no other. Modern timber look porcelain tiles are designed to imitate this uniqueness of natural timber in fine detail. Adding depth and warmth, just like natural timber, most European tile manufacturers have adopted new innovative technology to digitally print multiple layers of colour on the tiles.

3. Friendly to the Environment

No trees need to be cut down in order to produce timber look porcelain tiles. Also, leading tile manufacturers use recycled materials in order to keep environmental damage to a minimum. When purchasing timber look porcelain tiles for your outdoor area, look for the Green Building Council LEED logo.

4. The Price

Some of the more expensive products at tile stores are timber look porcelain tiles. It’s not uncommon to see products for over $100 or more per square metre. Fortunately, at TFO, you’ll find reasonably priced timber look porcelain tiles. They are not of inferior quality, actually, they are some of the best in the world. However, TFO deals direct with leading manufacturers from around the world and cuts out any middlemen. Therefore, you can find top quality timber look tiles for as low at $25.00* per square metre. (*subject to availability)

Visit TFO now as our range is ever expanding and you are sure to find something you’ll love. Visit our showroom in Sydney or our online tile store. You’ll be so glad you did.

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