Bosco Ash Timber Look Spanish Porcelain Tile

220x850mm Bosco Ash Spanish Timber Look Matt Non-Re (#1043)...

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Timber Look Porcelain Tiles Range from Pamesa – Why It’s a Sensible Option

When you think of Spaniards, what comes to mind? Perhaps bull fighting, paella or fiesta? Many people are blown away by their hospitality and love for life. No doubt you would agree that above anything else, Spanish people love their time with family.

Another thing that you may not be aware of is that, along with countries such as Italy, Turkey and China, the Spanish are some of the leading tile manufacturers in the world. Ceramic production in Spain has a long history and they are now adapting to innovative technology to produce cutting edge products which the world loves. Their passion for life is manifested in the tiles they produce. Spanish tiles have a strong expression of texture and colour which makes them very unique. Another wonderful feature of Spanish tiles is the price. Whilst Italian tiles seem to demand a high price, tiles from Spain are generally more affordable. These are just some reasons why now you’ll find more Spanish tiles at TFO than ever.

An exciting new product from Pamesa, a tile manufacturer in Spain, is the Bosco timber look porcelain tile range. Whilst there are many options of timber look porcelain tiles from Italy, this is TFO’s first entry of Spanish timber look tiles and we love them. They are thermal shock resistant, scratch resistant, very durable and are digitally printed which allows each piece to have a naturally unique, genuine character. This range comes in 6 colour variations that will suit any colour scheme in your home. Each tile has a broader than normal profile, helping your area to feel more spacious and not cramped.

Again, one of the best things about this range is the price. The Bosco timber look porcelain tile range is priced amazingly low. You can have modern timber look tile flooring for a fraction of the cost you would expect.

At TFO, we are rapidly expanding our range of Spanish porcelain tiles. Come see our huge range of stunning tiles by visiting our showroom today. Buy Bosco timber look tiles by Pamesa or take a sneak peek at our online tile store now.

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