• Timber Look Tiles – Have the Timber Look Wherever You Like!

  • Over the last few years, timber look tiles have taken the tile industry by storm and they show no sign of slowing down.  Technology keeps advancing and producing tiles imitating the warm natural character of wood right down to the finest of details whilst coming up with unique and eye catching designs. Timber look tiles are not only beautiful but are extremely practical, hence why they are so popular.  Real timber boards require constant maintenance and care, however timber look tiles require none of that.  Actually, their porcelain body  is one of the strongest floor materials you can get.  Being so practical allows you to use timber look tiles in places you’d never have even thought possible. 1.            Wet areas Real timber just can’t handle water, therefore it shouldn’t be used in a wet area.  But now with timber look porcelain tiles, you can have the natural warm look …

    25 Apr 2016 in Wood Look Tiles
  • Wood Look Porcelain Tiles – The Biggest Range at Impressively Low Prices Only at Timber-Look-Tiles.com.au

  • We all love the look of timber.  It’s warmth and the feeling of nature that it evokes can’t be underestimated.  However, why should you choose wood look tiles over actual timber? There are some real advantages in choosing wood look porcelain tiles and below are just some of these reasons. Timber, whilst being beautiful is very sensitive and delicate.  When it’s hot, it expands, when cold, it shrinks. It warps, stains and buckles when it gets wet.  All of this movement, results in cracks, splinters and splits.  To maintain its beauty and for its protection, it needs to be sealed and periodically resealed. So with wood look porcelain tiles, you can have the ‘pros’ of timber but without the ‘cons’.  But how do they really measure up? Wood look porcelain tiles not only look great but they are very tough.  Their resistance to moisture means that they can be used …

    22 Apr 2016 in Wood Look Tiles
  • The Beauty of Wood Look Tiles

  • Castle Cenere Timber Look Spanish Matt Floor Tile

    Wood creates a feeling of warmth and beauty in any home, hence the demand for timber flooring.  However, timber requires maintenance and can easily get damaged, so that’s why many now are opting for timber look porcelain tiles. Wood look tiles provide many advantages and have a strength beyond wood, as they are made of a porcelain body.  Unlike natural wood, they don’t require periodical sealing or any other special care and they are resistant to water and other damaging elements.  As they are extremely practical and durable, they can be used outdoors and even can be used in commercial areas. However, the main reason why many are choosing wood look tiles is that they are outstandingly beautiful.  State-of-the-art ink jet printing and cutting edge technology and design are constantly creating stunning wood look tiles – beauty that often surpasses real timber flooring. A new trend in wood look tiles is …

    29 Jan 2016 in Wood Look Tiles