Castle Cenere Timber Look Spanish Matt Floor Tile

The Beauty of Wood Look Tiles

Wood creates a feeling of warmth and beauty in any home, hence the demand for timber flooring.  However, timber requires maintenance and can easily get damaged, so that’s why many now are opting for timber look porcelain tiles.

Wood look tiles provide many advantages and have a strength beyond wood, as they are made of a porcelain body.  Unlike natural wood, they don’t require periodical sealing or any other special care and they are resistant to water and other damaging elements.  As they are extremely practical and durable, they can be used outdoors and even can be used in commercial areas.

However, the main reason why many are choosing wood look tiles is that they are outstandingly beautiful.  State-of-the-art ink jet printing and cutting edge technology and design are constantly creating stunning wood look tiles – beauty that often surpasses real timber flooring.

A new trend in wood look tiles is to use large format timber look tiles.  Previously, the standard size was 120x600mm but not many opt for that size nowadays.  Sizes such as 200x1200mm, whilst challenging for manufacturers to produce, are now more common than ever.

These larger sizes make wood look tiles look more natural and decrease the amount of grout joints thereby making the area look more seamless and is delighted to have the biggest and the best range of wood look tiles.

As we stock our tiles in our warehouse, they are ready for immediate delivery or pickup.  Most importantly, you won’t find better prices for timber look tiles than at  Our prices start from $19/m2(subject to availability).Buy beautiful wood look tiles from our online tile store now and make huge savings.  You’ll be so glad you did.

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